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Healthy sleep is important


Our goal is to help you have restful nights and a good nights sleep. For this purpose, we would like to record your sleep, in order to develop the optimal therapy concept together with you. We also accompany you on your journey to a with long-term treatment strategy. Good sleep is something personal - that's why you should feel at home with us.

Our services

Highly qualified staff

All our employees are highly qualified and are at your disposal for any questions.

State-of-the-art innovative diagnostic devices

Small, comfortable, with wireless sensors - you can move freely even during the study (to go to the toilet for example). At the same time, modern polysomnographs offer the highest signal quality for precise diagnostics.

Individual private rooms with private bathroom

We offer comfortable single rooms with comfortable hotel-quality facilities - of course always with private bathroom

Family-friendly rooms

We have two double rooms - if you want to bring a companion. Two other rooms have barrier-free facilities.

Pick-up service from Burkardushaus Würzburg

We offer a pick-up service from the Burkardushaus (corner Plattnerstraße). At 19:30 our shuttle taxi starts from this stop. Pre-registration is required.

Fit for the day

To start the day, we offer various coffee and tea variations as well as a small snack. Enjoy this in a stylish ambience.

Free parking

We offer a safe, large, barrier-free parking

Flat screen TV in every room

We want our patients to be as relaxed as possible during their stay with us.

Quiet surroundings

Quiet location overlooking the vineyard.


Schlafzentrum am Sonnenstuhl. A sleep center like no other
This sleep center is more like a boutique hotel. The view over the wine region is also something very special!
Patient G.
From the moment we entered the sleeping center, we were treated like special guests. If you need a sleep check-up, go there!
Patient T.


Music is more than fun. It has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes your body and prepares for sleep. Older and younger adults who listen to 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedsleep sleep longer, get up less at night and rate their nights as more relaxing than if they don’t listen to music. It’s not a fantasy. Music has the power to slow heart rate and breathing, lower blood pressure and even stimulate muscles to relax.


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